Frequently Asked Questions

Your account data is stored locally on the device, and you have the option to store your password data on the iCloud as well, both of which are encrypted.
No, we don’t have any access to your data, because we don’t store any data on our servers.
Your dynamic signature biometrics in combination with other security protocols we have in place creates an ironclad security layer that is exceptionally difficult to break.
In case your iPhone goes missing, your data is still protected. In order to recover the password account data, you can sync all existing data that was stored on your iCloud again on your new iPhone
Currently, the only device supported by the Signature app is your iPhone. So, you can sync only password (not photos or videos) across iPhone devices.
The data between two devices is transmitted through iCloud. The data transfer is encrypted using AES 256-bit.
According to best industry standards, we use the following protocols: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit, CBC mode, PBKDF2.